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  • Agricultural machinery bureau inspected our company leadership of wufeng mountain-zhangxia area


    2019Years7Month3Day,Accompanied by the leadership of the qufu farm machinery development center,Jinan pingyin district agricultural machinery bureau leadership to visit our company。They inquired about the company's product development in the first place,For my company development of baling coated machine series products、Feed crushing machinery products very interested and technology research and development department。Company general manager Mr Zhang has always been of the leadership has made the detailed report。Pingyin area NongJiJu leaders say,Stalk burning in the local area、Comprehensive utilization of straw、Waste,Promotion is introduced“SAN tai”Brand products。After,Leaders in the production workshop to enjoying national farm machinery subsidy

Potato accept cargo(Heavy duty)
Potato accept cargo(Heavy duty)
Horizontal sack packer
Horizontal sack packer
Squirrel-cage washing machine for potatoes
Squirrel-cage washing machine for potatoes
Walking type baling machine
Walking type baling machine

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