Electronic production
  • The infrared diode sensor alarm circuit design and productionThe infrared diode sensor alarm

    This circuit design can be achieved by hand when the near infrared transmitting tube and infrared receiving tube,Buzzer sound,LEDLights up,After you remove the hand immediately stop sound、LEDLights go out,Sensitivity

  • Analog electronic candle circuit design and productionAnalog electronic circuit design candle

    With analog electronic candles“Match the ignition,The wind blows the fire”The simulation of sex,Design prototype is from the real life story:The use of candles,After transforming circuit can be used for birthday party。

  • Based on the555Timer flash circuit designBased on the555The timer design

    Each electronic device in the car the proportion of the manufacturing cost16%Increased23%The above。Some luxury cars,The number of using single chip microcomputer has been achieved4

  • 4017Ten road lamp circuit design and production of water4017The road of flowing water light electric

    This circuit is mainly composed of555Multivibrator composed of generating pulse provided by4017Of decimal shift counter,Then ten road controlLEDThe lamp,After electrify,LEDThe lamp

  • LM317Adjustable voltage dc power supply circuit design and productionLM317Adjustable voltage regulator

    The main purpose of this article to complete this work is to master the transformer step-down、Diode rectifier、Capacitor filter、LM317Voltage regulator, etc. Working principle。

  • Based on the555Timer flash circuit design and productionBased on the555The timer

    We are going to introduce in this paper555The structure of the timer、The pin function and constitute the monostable trigger、Multivibrator、Schmitt trigger circuit, etc,To further grasp the integrated circuit

  • Multivibrator double flash circuit design and productionMultivibrator double flash circuit

    This article through the design and production of multivibrator double flash,Master identifying and measuring resistance、Capacitance、Diode、Triode。Mastering the identification of simple circuit principle diagram,To be able to schematic diagram

  • Circuit model design and productionCircuit model design and production

    In this article, we will in the process of design and making circuit model study to grasp the concept of circuit model and the circuit structure;Master the basic physical quantities of the circuit and the basic law,Including current、Voltage

Electrical and electronic WeChat public number

WeChat scan concerns public, electrical and electronic technology

Team management

★Instructor:Liu Kunshan
★The President:The more better
★Vice President:Riding a peak、Yuan Lilong、He Shun sound
★Minister of propaganda organization:He Shun sound

★Minister of logistics:Yuan Lilong

★Minister of technical training:Riding a peak

※Introduction to electronic group leader:The more better

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  • Have you been in adolescentsHave you been in adolescents

    “Spell the regretless youth,The miracle of rushes out in June,Let sweat drenched my clothes,Let the industry to create brilliant!”Ding dong,Memories of the gate was opened suddenly。This is me

  • Thanks to meet you,I become a better myselfThanks to meet you,I became better

    I am17Accounting college Liu Huaxiang class two,At the invitation of electrical and electronics association instructor Liu Kunshan,Write an article about my personal growth experience,I like will be introduced

  • Dream in the distanceDream in the distance

    Dream is not whether a thing apart,Have a goal,Hard to do,All material nature。

  • Heart's desire,DreamHeart's desire,Dream

    Dreams,A long pole,The roving through places greener than green grass。 Everyone has a dream in my heart,Big or small,More or less,Everyone has a heart of board

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