Ceramic bottle
   Ceramic co., LTD., established in yixing city yi people 2001 Years,By the master of Chinese traditional craft,National senior crafts:Qian Gang,Yang Yaofen couple co-founded,Is larger in southern yixing and set up a time earlier specialized in purple sand art,Ceramic bottle,Export ceramics yixing ceramic crafts and related products;Enterprise covers an area of now 10000 More than square,Have professional ceramic factory 10000 More than square,Purple sand art exhibition hall 3000 More than square,Employees 100 Many people,The main ceramic machinery and equipment,Annual sales 2000 More than RMB,In enterprise“The quality of the product”As the core value,Relying on the Qian Gang,Yang Yaofen master more than 40 years experience in yixing purple sand pottery and porcelain production techniques,Continue to grow stronger,From the original family workshop has gradually grown into the local influential backbone enterprise in the industry。
   More than a decade,Yi people ceramics has been adhering to the user needs as the core,In focus on ordinary ceramic bottle market at the same time,Also actively develop high-end violet arenaceous art ceramic products,For more high-end customer service requirements,Produce some other similar enterprise can't production of high-end products,To win the trust of many customers and praise,At the same time also set up a brand with good reputation of the enterprise;Become the most outstanding in the industry!