• Our country the first semiconductor shortwave radio,The first shortwave fh radio,The first airborne radio short-wave adaptive were born in the war。
            Fire is committed to wireless communication system research,Provide more spectrum、Into a series、The multimode equipment solutions,To build a complete coverage of application fields of wireless communication system,Realize the voice、Data and video transmission。Handheld、Bear、The car、Carrier, etc,Widely used in the army、The public security、Civil air defense、The forest、Hydrometeorological、Fisheries、The civil aviation and other industries。
           Shortwave and ultrashort wave communication       Search and rescue and communications within the machine             Communication network integration and union communication
           Beidou and satellite communications         Civil and international defense and communication         Acoustic communication and antenna




  • Fire solar photovoltaic products involving high quality solar energy level monocrystalline silicon slice、Polysilicon films,Small off-grid power generation system、Portable mobile power and military small wild photovoltaic power generation system, etc;One of them,The leading product constants than single polycrystalline silicon slice of years7000Ten thousand pieces,More capacity than300MW。




  • Must have the northwest's largest semiconductor lighting application development、Production base。

    Counteract the semiconductor lighting has complete and advanced manufacturing system,From mechanical processing、Sheet metal、Surface treatment、Electronic assembly、Aging test,Before and after the breakthrough,Sui generis,Supporting production ability,High degree of quality control。


           Xianyang LanChi road lighting project.JPG

  •        Fire electromechanical park is located in baoji weibin district, jiang tan industrial park。Covers an area of130m,The construction area3.5Million square meters,Baoji is intelligent manufacturing、Mold design and manufacturing、Precision machining、Guide plate and electric device research and development production base,Have advanced CNC machining center、Turning center、Laser cutting machine、CNC cutting plate bending machine、Robot welding、The robot spraying、3DPrinting and other high-end equipment and production line400Sets,With domestic advanced optical light distribution、Testing laboratory and routine laboratory,With strong manufacturing ability and level。


                Mechanical and electrical garden as a whole                      Mechanical and electrical partial                           Machining center                            Painting production line

            Mechanical and electrical services cover mould manufacturing、Mechanical processing、Sheet metal processing、Each link of the surface coating and other products processing process,Mainly undertaking the manufacture of the products of the company structure and batch production tasks at the same time undertake external processing business collaboration,And formed a certain independent mechanical and electrical product development capability。


                    The last part                        Machining parts                         Sheet metal parts                       Sheet metal spray paint parts

           Based on solid technical foundation,Mechanical and electronic business should have the potential to form“Such as titanium alloy precision finishing of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials、Comprehensive processing difficult cutting materials,All kinds of complex mold and sheet metal processing and manufacturing,As well as a variety of products surface spray treatment”The development of the landscape,And explore、Develop as the guide plate、High and low voltage electrical switch、Many mechanical and electrical integrated circuit breaker, and other products。


               Vacuum circuit breaker                           Special-shaped parts                             Guide plate                     Non-ferrous metal precision machining parts    


          After years of groping, and developing,Mechanical and electronic business in line with the principle of win-win cooperation,With a number of large and medium-sized enterprises、Scientific research institutes to establish a friendly relations of cooperation,Such as:Tetra pak company、Northwest nonferrous metal research institute、631Research institute、Datang telecom, etc。

          As the two nations fusion and intelligent manufacturing was deepened and the company“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”Development plan is put forward,Mechanical and electronic business based on industry advantage,To develop in terms of industrialization and informationization,Drive towards flexibility and digital manufacturing and mechanical and electronic business。

  • Fire group, closely tracking the development direction of domestic real estate industry in the province,Taking market demand as the goal,Based on the diversification and individuation development,Research the needs of customers,Cooperate with top domestic design institutes,Constantly introduce new products、The high-quality goods, and for the customer“Tailored”The special homes and shops。

    Current fire group real estate development, enhanced strength,Development level improved steadily,Market scope expanded year by year,The prestige brand firmly set up,Has become a province、An influential force in city real estate development industry。


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